• Vidcon 2015!

    Vidcon 2015!! So the 6th annual Vidcon has come and gone and it was so much fun! This was the third Vidcon I’ve attended and it was by far the least stressful. I couldn’t believe how many crazed tween fans there are out there that make events like this horrifying for the slightly more grown-up 20+ year olds. ¬†Last year people lined up as early as 4 am for signings that didn’t happen until after 9:30 am! This means that even if you got in line at 5 am, you would not have been able to meet your favorite YouTuber. Crazy, right?! This year, to alleviate this problem, the put…

  • My First Post

    Hello everyone! Lately I’ve felt like my life has been in a rut and with my college graduation looming around the corner, I thought I’d challenge myself by starting a blog! I’m passionate about so many things, from YouTube to beauty and fashion to all things Disney and I’d like to share my thoughts¬†with the world. So stick around, I might surprise you! Until next time,