Laura Lee Los Angeles Nudie Patootie Collection Review

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I’m super excited about this colleciton review! I’m loving that some of my favorite beauty YouTubers are starting to create their own products! I mean, they reivew cosmetics for a living so who better to create the best products!

This week I’m reivewing the Laura Lee Los Angeles Nudie Patootie Collection. This collection includes her second eye shadow palette and three matte liquid lipsticks which are vegan and cruelty free. I love her first pallete, Cat’s Pajamas, so I knew I had to get this one when it was released. As for the lipsticks, I’m very particular about matte liquid lipsticks because I hate when they dry out my lips. In her videos, Laura described the lipsticks as comfortable, flexible, and moisturizing so I decided to pre-order the lipstick trio. Her video also mentioned two eyeliners that are part of the collection but they haven’t been released yet.

The lipstick trio consists of three full coverage matte liquid lipsticks in a pink nude called Topless, a warm brown nude called Jaybird, and a light beige nude called Nakey Nakey. Each lipstick retails for $16 and the set of all three saves you $10 and costs $38.

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According to the Laura Lee Los Angeles website,

This long lasting matte liquid lipstick is formulated to keep your lips covered yet moisturized and comfortable leaving your lips healthy and beautiful all day. It glides on smooth for a flawless even application that won’t dry you out.

The description of this product doesn’t do it justice. These are amazing liquid lipsticks! They are so moisturizing and extremely light weight. It lasted about 6 hours with light snacking and drinking. These liptiscks are so moisturizing that I think my lips actually were softer after I wore them all day. My two favorite shades are Topless and Jaybird. I don’t wear really nude lipsticks as much anymore but I do love adding this to the center of my lips. I did notice that they don’t dry down completely, which is something Laura mentioned in her product release video. I feel like the formula is similar to Kylie’s velvet formula but not as liquidy and much more lightweight.

The Nudie Patootie eye shadow palette consists of 14 eye shadows – 8 of them are matte, 4 of them are shimmers, and 2 of them are foiled – and retails for $45.

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The Laura Lee Losangeles website describes the palette as:

This palette provides creamy easily blendable eyeshadows and offers an extensive range of neutrals with a few pops of color.

The Nudie Patootie eyeshadow palette is designed to be versatile enough for an everyday makeup look or simply add a foil shade to make any makeup look pop! These highly pigmented pressed powder eyeshadows combine to make the perfect palette for any level makeup enthusiast.

This palette is my perfect neutral palette. I love natrual looks that I can easily wear in the office or for a night out. Every shade is buttery and very easy to blend. They are also perfectly pigmented, not too much to make it hard to blend and not too little that you have to add a bunch of layers for it to even show up. The shimmer shades can be easily applied with either a finger or a brush and they don’t really need to be applied wet. They are beautiful alone, which I love for a quick application in the morning, but you could apply them wet for an added kick of shimmer! The pressed foiled shades should only be applied with a finger. They are pressed but brushes can cause alot of kickback and fallout on the face. Using a finger minimizes the fallout for a beautiful high shine look. I did notice a small amount of fallout with the darkest matte shades but nothing a little setting powder and a brush couldn’t wasily swipe away.

Here’s a few looks I’ve created using the palette and lipsticks:

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Overall, I highly reccomend these lipsticks and this palette! Everything applies beautifully and is quite long lasting!

Who are your favorite beauty YouTubers? Have you tired any of their products or collabs? Let me know in the comments!

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