October 2017 Recap

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I recently read on Britta and Carli’s blog, Twinspiration, their September and October 2017 Recaps. They’ve been posting these recaps every month for the past year. I love the idea behind these posts, it’s such a great way to record fun events and special memories! As much as I wish I was as busy as them, I definitely don’t at this point in my life. 😜 So, needless to say, I probably won’t be posting one monthly but I would like to post recaps for the more interesting months in my life.

I had so much fun this month! Even though I work full time, I took a couple of weekend trips this month, one to Las Vegas and another to Orange County (aka Disneyland).

Las Vegas

When I turned 21, my mom said she would bring me to see Britney Spears. Now as a child of the 90’s/ early 2000’s, I’ve wanted to see her live for a while. However, I was still trying to finish college and lived in Orange County while my parents still lived in Northern California so coordinating between our busy schedules was difficult.

Once news broke that Britney’s residency at the Planet Hollywood would be ending this year, we knew we had to go before the end of the year. Luckily there were still tickets left, so we booked our flights for my first trip to Las Vegas! We flew in late Friday night and left Sunday morning. It was probably the quickest trip I’ve ever been on to another state and I had so much fun!

On our full day on the strip, we spent the day shopping and exploring different malls within walking distance of our hotel. We stayed at the Planet Hollywood so we would have t worry about traveling to and from the show. We started with the shops inside Planet Hollywood and made our way to The Shops at Crystal’s and Caesar’s Palace. It was a beautiful, clear day which allowed for some amazing pictures!

The show started at 9 pm so we went back to our room to freshen up and decided to eat dinner at a restaurant inside the hotel. After a light dinner, we headed to the show! It was such an amazing show! All of my favorite Britney songs were in the lineup and the choreography was great. If you have the chance to see it before she leaves, I definitely recommend it!

Disneyland: Halloween Time

I also took a quick weekend trip with my dad to visit my sister in Orange County, which meant that we had to go to Disneyland! This year they added Halloween decorations to California Adventure instead of only having them in Disneyland. When news first broke of the new decorations, I knew I had to see them in person.

Disneyland had the same decorations they have every year, the giant pumpkin, fall leaves adorning all the windows, balconies, and light posts, and jack-o-lanterns on all the balconies on Main Street. And you can’t forget about the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted House!

While Disneyland’s decorations scream Fall more than Halloween, California Adventure went full Halloween for their decorations! My journey began with a giant Oogie Boogie sign above the entrance to the park that also talked to unexpecting bystanders.


After entering, all the shop windows leading to the Carthay Circle Restaurant have Halloween accents to the already existing displays. Just before the restaurant, they have a statue of the headless horseman that lights up and spews smoke at night. Also, the Carthay Circle Restaurant has been decorated with bats and purple banners!

Some of the best decorations are in Carsland. They took it to another level there! In addition to decorating for Halloween (as cars would), they also change some of the ride songs to Halloween versions! For example, during Mater’s Graveyard Jamboree (normally Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree) they played a song similar to The Flying Purple People Eater…The Driving Purple Fender Bender! And of course, it was sung by Larry the Cable Guy!

Finally, in addition to the amazing decorations in both parks, there are also some amazing seasonal food items. Since I only spent a day there, I didn’t get to try everything but what I did try was so good!


How was your month? Let me know in the comments!

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