Fave Fall 2017 Makeup Trends

Hello everyone!

With the fall season in full swing, I wanted to share some of my favorite Fall 2017 Makeup Trends. Most of my research and information comes from this Good Housekeeping article. I found that this article actually lists the trends while other articles only list the looks each designer had on the runway.

Without further ado, here’s my top 6 Fall 2017 Makeup Trends.

  • Two Tone Lips: The bottom lip is subtly darker than the top lip.

I just love how this looks. A while back, a more extreme version of this went viral but I couldn’t get behind it because it wasn’t practical for everyday life. The subtler version for fall is much more reasonable to wear anywhere, even to work!

  • Interrupted Eyeliner: Black liner on both the top and bottom lash lines can make the eyes look smaller. By adding a few centimeters of a lighter liner to break up the dark liner the eyes will appear more open and awake.

I only wear liner on both my upper and lower lash line every once in a while because of how small it makes my eyes appear. I’m excited to give this trend a try because it’s similar to highlighting the inner corner of the eye. It will bring lightness to the right areas of the eyes and make your eyes pop while still achieving a darker, smokey look.

  • Metallic Eyeshadow: Adding a copper or deep bronze shimmer on both the upper and lower lids can make your eyes look mesmerizing this season.

I feel like this trend resurfaces every fall and I’m not mad about it! I absolutely love the metallic eye look! I always go for the bronze and copper tones but I’m excited to pair this trend with another one on my list, jewel tone smokey eyes. I can already see all the jewel tone, metallic looks I’m going to create this fall.

  • Mauve All Over: Mauve is a perfect shade for the summer to fall transition. It’s more dramatic than summery colors without the depth of some fall tones.

Now, who doesn’t love mauve? I feel it’s universally flattering so this trend will look good on all skin tones. Personally, fall is the time I break out my mauve nail polish and lippies but why not wear this beautiful color all over?

  • Casual Red Lip: Instead of the red lip being the centerpiece of a polished look, try it with an otherwise low-key look this season.

I love the idea behind this trend. I am definitely one to save red lips for classy, special occasions. However, I think I’m going to enjoy getting more use out of my red lippies this fall! Pairing it with a simple eye look and casual outfit will look just as amazing as the traditional berry shades fall is traditionally known for.

  • Jewel Tone Smoky Eyes: Applying jewel tones, like blue and emerald, to a smokey eye can really bring out your eyes.

A smokey eye is obviously a classic trend. I usually go for more neutral brown shade because very bright/ neon colors are really my thing. I think I’m going to love this trend and as I stated previously, I’m going to love pairing it with the metallic eye trend! I have hazel eyes and have always loved the way jewel tones make them pop but I never really thought of adding them to a smokey eye look.

Overall, I can’t wait to add these to my everyday makeup routine this season!

What fall trends are your favorites? I know I didn’t list them all so do you like any that I missed?

Until next time,
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