5 Fave Summer Lippies

Hello everyone!

In celebration of National Kissing Day (July 6th), I’ve decided to share 5 of the lippies I’ve been loving this summer on my blog this week. I’m really loving easy, “My Lips But Better” colors this summer. My perfect lipsticks are ones that I don’t have to worry about touching up a million times or might move around my face. Also, please excuse the strange lighting in some of the photos. Since the move, I’m still figuring out the perfect place to take pics with natural lighting.

In the picture below, I’ve swatched each lip color so you can get an idea of the tones and texture of each lipstick.



The formula of this lip cream is so comfortable and amazing! It almost dries all the way matte and that little bit of leftover moisture keeps my lips from turning into a desert. This color, in particular, is one of my favorite nudes! It goes with just about any makeup look and I’ve been loving the brownish nudes lately.


This is another matte liquid lipstick that wears very comfortably and doesn’t take all the moisture from my lips. If you didn’t already know, this shade is a collaboration between Smashbox and Lilly Singh (iiSuperwomanii). I bought this as soon as it was released knowing nothing about the formula of this line of liquid lipsticks just because I wanted to support one of my favorite YouTubers. Luckily, this formula is amazing! It lasts so long and with the festivities of July (Independence Day), this shade comes in handy!


I think this is the perfect pinky nude for my skin tone. Out of all the Kylie Cosmetics lippies I have, this one gets worn the most. Although, as much as I love this shade, it is extremely drying! But I’ll risk turning my lips into a desert for this color! 😋

  • Mac Cosmetics x Ellie Goulding Lipstick in Only You


The last two lippies aren’t matte lipsticks, which is a nice break for my lips! This lipstick is a creamsheen lipstick, which is my favorite formula. It’s nice and moisturizing and it’s definitely a “My Lips But Better” color. This formula doesn’t last as long as a matte liquid lipstick but since it’s a nude shade that’s close to my lip color, it wears away nicely without leaving a ring around the edge of my lips. Since this shade was limited edition, here is a shade that is similar.


I bought this lippie after hearing some mixed reviews about the formula and I was curious to try it out. I decided to get this nude shade to make sure I would wear it and get my money’s worth. I ended up LOVING the formula of the lip paint and can’t wait to try out other shades. It’s the perfect mix between a lip gloss and a liquid lipstick (non-matte) and I love how it wears throughout the day.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my fave summer lippies! What are some of your fave lippies?

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