June 2017 Life Update

Hello everyone!

After taking an unexpected 2-week break, I’m back! Following my birthday haul post, I got busier than expected. I was still continuously unpacking from the move while shopping and packing for a trip to Washington D.C. I just got back from that week-long trip and I can’t wait to get back into reviewing some of the products I got for my birthday as well as some new things I’ve picked up over the last couple weeks!

Ever since my and my sister’s 8th-grade classes took trips to Washington D.C., we’ve wanted to go back to explore this beautiful, historical city. Since I have a friend who lives near the city, we made a trip out to the east coast to visit both my friend and the city. We weren’t able to see as much as we did when we went in 8th grade but we had more fun (since we’re both of legal drinking age😜)! This week, to easily get back into posting, I just wanted to share a few photos from our trip.



Stay tuned for upcoming reviews and posts!

Until next time,

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