Mascara Review: Covergirl Katy Kat Eye Mascara


This week I decided to try out the Katy Kat Eye mascara. This mascara is a collaboration between Covergirl and Katy Perry and I purchased the Black color at my local CVS. According to the Covergirl website:

There’s the cat eye…and then there’s the Katy Kat Eye! Katy Kat Eye Mascara features a Sculpting Brush that sweeps lashes up and out, for full, lush voluminous lashes. Create a 360° cat eye that won’t smear, won’t smudge, but will definitely make other cats jealous!


The display was quite disorganized so I didn’t realize there was a Very Black color. I usually always get the blackest black/ very black color of any drugstore mascara. Now, after trying this mascara, I wish I would’ve purchased Very Black.

While I was photographing this product, I was immediately attracted to the wand. I love mascara wands that separate lashes while adding length and volume. This one looks like it’s my perfect mascara wand!


Just to get a baseline, here’s what my lashes look like without mascara:


I ended up applying around 3 coats. I had a really hard time with this mascara. My wand clumped together and no longer looked like it did when I photographed it. It took me a while to try to get it back to its original state but it still didn’t look the same.


I was extremely unimpressed by this mascara. The formula is one of the worst ones I’ve ever used. I absolutely love the Covergirl LashBlast mascara but this one just didn’t compare in my opinion. Like I said earlier in the post, I prefer Very Black mascara. This one is Black, it had a gray tone to it. It doesn’t really show up that way on my lashes but I personally think my lashes don’t stand out as much as they usually do.

Additionally, the formula didn’t add anything as far as length or volume to my lashes. It kind of just coated my lashes to make them darker, since they were covered with powder. As I was combing through my lashes to try to separate them, I had a lot of trouble with clumping. It seemed like it took me twice as long to apply mascara!

As far as my bottom lashes, I felt the wand to too big and messed up to apply to my lower lashes without mascara going all over my face. Since I had to wear this makeup to work the day I applied it, there was no way I was going to leave the last step of my makeup routine to chance so I used my trusty Clinique Bottom Lash mascara.

Overall, this mascara is not worth it. If you’re looking for a mascara from Covergirl, I would recommend the LashBlast Volume or Clump Crusher. If you’re open to trying another drugstore brand, I recommend the L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber mascara or the Maybelline The Rocket mascara.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post!

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