Mascara Review: Dior Diorshow

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It’s time for another mascara review! Today, I’m here to review the DIOR Diorshow Mascara.


This is going to be my first impression of this mascara. I recently went through all my makeup and found so many tubes of mascara samples! So to try to get through some of these samples, I’m going to review them. Otherwise, they would just stay in the back of my drawer and never see the light of day.

I decided to start with the Diorshow mascara because it is one of my sister’s favorite mascaras and has been for many years. I’m using the black, non-waterproof version today.

Here is what my natural lashes look like without mascara.



And here is what they look like with two coats of the DIOR Diorshow Mascara.




I couldn’t believe how well this mascara works! Now I understand why my sister swears by it! Like I said in my last mascara review, I do have naturally long lashes, however, I do have some sparse areas and the tips of my lashes are not as dark as the base, making it seem like my lashes are shorter than they actually are.

I can tell that this mascara is going to make it into my favorite mascara pile. It has a perfect consistency, a perfect balance between dry and wet. I typically prefer dryer mascara since I find it dries quicker and give better volume. As much as I love the formula, it is very fragrant, which I noticed the minute I opened the tube.

Additionally, it is very fragrant, which I noticed the minute I opened the tube. It’s not a bad scent like some drugstore mascaras have. It’s more of a botanical scent and reminds me of the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.

The wand on this mascara is a bit big for my liking. It was slightly more difficult to really get into the base of my lashes, especially in the inner and outer corners. It also didn’t make it very easy to apply mascara to my bottom lashes either. With all that being said, I absolutely love the bristles on this mascara wand! As I was applying it, there were no clumps of mascara and the wand effortlessly slid through my lashes! It also made my lower lashes look amazing so I can live through the difficult application if I get these results every time.

As far as staying power, this mascara lasted all day and I wore it for about 10 hours. I often fidget with my eyes during the day but today I made a conscious effort not to touch my eyes in any way so I can test whether or not the mascara flakes throughout the day. After I got home from work, made dinner, and fed my cat, I finally was able to check in on my makeup. To my surprise, there were absolutely no flakes!

There’s only one thing I don’t like about this mascara and that is the price. While I did use my Sephora VIB points to get this sample, I’m dreading the day of going to purchase it because it costs $28.50 for 0.33oz of product.

Overall, I am truly loving this mascara and will be purchasing it in the future!

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