Disneyland’s 60th Birthday Celebration

-This past Friday, Disneyland officially turned 60 years old and I had the privilege of going to the park on that special day. They encouraged people to “show their Disney side” by dressing in their Sunday Best circa 1950’s. I loved this idea and tried my best, not having any vintage style clothing, to dress the part.

IMG_1017I had so much fun just being in the park on its birthday. Disney has been part of my life since I was born. I grew up watching Disney movies and had my first trip to Disneyland when I was 2! Since then my family and I would take at least one trip a year to Disneyland and it was a great escape from reality, especially as I got older. Additionally, I attended college very close to the park and spent the last 4 years taking trips all the time as breaks from classes or to hang out with friends. At this point in my life, I’ve been on the rides so many times that I really enjoy just sitting, people watching and enjoying the scenery. I love all the beautiful scenery and how could you not love how the castle looks at night!

DSC_0789On July 17th, Disneyland had all many special day of merchandise, photo opportunities, maps of the parks, “I was there” buttons, and they were even giving away free cupcakes!

My favorite part was taking pictures with the characters and in all the different areas of the parks. I even made sure my nails matched the event! I decided to make each nail into a character wearing their Diamond Celebration costumes.

One of the highlights of the day was the rededication ceremony that happened that morning. The current president of Disneyland, Michael Colglazier, joined by Mickey Mouse, and some very special guests held a ceremony in front of the castle. It began with a recording of the speech Walt Disney gave on opening day 60 years earlier. Alongside the many Disney Legends that were employees when the park opened, Richard Sherman and Ashley Brown performed one of Walt’s favorite songs, “Feed the Birds” from the Mary Poppins movie. They even had all the guests sing “Happy Birthday” to conclude the ceremony!


My favorite part of the celebration that day was the special pre-parade that honored the cast members of then and now. Alongside current cast members, Disney legends that were cast members when the park opened traveled down the parade route, which was amazing knowing that those people actually worked with Walt Disney himself!




All in all, I had so much fun with my family and look forward to the next time we’re all in the park.


Until next time,
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