Mascara Review: L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Mascara

One of my favorite makeup items is mascara. Yes, I am a mascara junkie! If I am running late and don’t have enough time to apply a full face of makeup, I will always make time for brows and lashes. Similar to the way the brows frame the face, lashes frame the eyes and I believe that the combination of both perfectly perks up the face, making you look less tired.

Today, I’m here to review the L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Mascara!


I’ve had the chance to play around and test this mascara for a couple of weeks and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite mascaras. I purchased the waterproof formula because the formula helps keep my lashes curled.

Here is what my natural lashes look like curled, without mascara.



And here is what they look like with two coats of the L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Mascara.



What a difference, right! Yes, I do have naturally long lashes however, I do have some sparse areas and the tips of my lashes are not as dark as the base, making it seem like my lashes are shorter than they actually are.

This mascara has become one of my all time favorites, replacing some of my higher end mascaras. It as a dryer mascara, which I prefer, and it gets drier the longer it is open, resulting in a slightly more difficult application. Since it is a false fiber mascara, as it dries, the false fibers tend to form tiny clumps during application. As annoying as clumpy mascara application is, it’s nothing a quick swipe of a clean mascara wand can’t fix. I get mine either from Sally’s Beauty Supply or, if I’m feeling cheap, I get them from the displays at Sephora.

Speaking of mascara wands, the wand on this mascara is wonderful. It tapers slightly, larger at the base and smaller at the end. This makes it very easy to coat all the lashes, from the outer lashes to the itty bitty inner corner lashes. It’s also made of bristles, making it incredibly easy to comb through and separate the lashes for a flawless look.

As far as staying power, this mascara lasts all day and keeps my lashes curled for as long as I have the mascara on. I tend to fidget with my eyes during the day and this results in slight mascara flakes that fall on my cheeks. However, it doesn’t tend to flake if I avoid touching my eyes during the day. I did wear this mascara to the beach while I was testing it out. I’m not much of an ocean swimmer since the water at California beaches is pretty cold. I did, however, wade in about thigh deep and that day, the waves were pretty choppy and broke pretty large near the shore. This resulted in me getting large, unexpected splashes to the face and, to my surprise, the mascara held up pretty well. Many of the waterproof formulas I tried in the past made my lashes stick together but this one didn’t do that. However, the salt water did cause some major flaking.

There’s only one thing I don’t like about this mascara and that is the difficulty of applying it to the lower lashes. When it comes to lower lashes, I stopped using regular sized mascaras a long time ago. I actually prefer mascaras made for the lower lashes, like Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara. However, I decided to see how this would apply when I did my makeup for this post and I’m not the biggest fan of the results.

Overall, I am truly loving this mascara and will definitely be repurchasing it in the waterproof formula. I’m may even purchase the non-waterproof formula too!

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