My Travel Makeup Kit

Makeup has been one of my passions ever since I found the beauty community of YouTube six years ago. I love watching people create new, exciting, and crazy makeup looks. Most of what I’ve learned about makeup over the years I’ve learned from YouTube and the beauty community continues to be one of my favorites. Today, I am going to give you a glimpse of my makeup collection with a look into what I bring with me when I travel. I’m starting with this because it will allow you to see my favorite and most used products. Most of the products I packed are ones that I use every day and highly trust to stay in place all day. Now, without further ado, here’s a peek into my travel makeup bag!


I use this cosmetic case from Victoria’s Secret, which I got last year during fashion show season. I absolutely love it because it opens to lay flat,  has two zippered compartments, and fits perfectly into any carry-on. Additionally, I carry my brushes in a very old Sigma brush roll that came with the makeup brushes.

When it comes to packing everything into the cosmetic case, I will just throw everything in and hope it fits. Generally, I try to group all the liquids into one side so I can put them in a Ziploc bag before putting them into the pouch. I’ve made the mistake of not double bagging liquids on a flight one too many times!


Now let’s dive into what’s inside!


Face Products


Brow Products


Eye Products


Lip Products

  • This list changes every time I travel. In the summertime, I tend to lean more towards tinted lip balm while in the wintertime, I lean more towards lipstick.

DSC_0837 DSC_0826  DSC_0830

Misc. Tools

  • Beauty Blender
  • The Tarte Lash Curler is my favorite Lash Curler
  • Some type of Lash Comb – I either use a disposable mascara wand or this lash comb I found at TjMaxx.
  • I use a variety of brushes because I don’t really care which brand I use. As long as the brushes are soft and they work, I’ll buy them. Here I’ve pictured a mixture of Sigma, Coastal Scents, Sonia Kashuk, and NARS.various brushes

And that’s it! I hope this was helpful and can act as a guide next time you travel. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂

Until next time,

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