• Fascination File: Fashion

    This week, I’m introducing an old concept with a new name. Every so often, I would like to share items from my various wishlists and possibly, in the future, update you as to which items I successfully check off my lists. I’ve named this series Fascination File because it’s a play on words for wishlist or lust list. I think it’s a fun use of alliteration and I hope you think so too! Now, as a makeup junkie and a Disney addict, I have quite a long list if makeup and Disney related items I’m hoping to get someday. However, something I don’t talk about very often is the fashion related items…

  • My First Post

    Hello everyone! Lately I’ve felt like my life has been in a rut and with my college graduation looming around the corner, I thought I’d challenge myself by starting a blog! I’m passionate about so many things, from YouTube to beauty and fashion to all things Disney and I’d like to share my thoughts with the world. So stick around, I might surprise you! Until next time,