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Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the new Maybelline x Gigi Hadid collection. Since I was a little late to purchase the collection, not everything was in stock but I was still able to purchase the items I wanted from both the east and west coast collections.

On the Maybelline website, this collection is described as follows:

From her home base in NYC to her hometown in LA, the design and details of these three Maybelline makeup collections reveal the story of Gigi Hadid’s life as she sees it, one shade name at a time.

I tried not to watch or read any reviews of the collection but I couldn’t resist learning more about the Jetsetter palette. If I was going to spend $30 on a palette from the drugstore, it better be good! After watching a few reviews on YouTube, I decided not to purchase it. So, here’s what I did end up purchasing:


East Coast Collection

Gigi Hadid Liquid Eyeliner – Black

I purchased everything from my local Ulta. This first product, the Liquid Eyeliner, retails for $9.99 and only comes in black. According to the Maybelline website:

This limited edition black liquid eyeliner features an ultra-fine tip that delivers laser-sharp precision for the most defined line. It’s the essential for a signature Gigi East Coast Glam cat eye look. Ophthalmologist tested. Dermatologist tested. Fragrance free. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

This is one of my favorite products from the collection! It’s super pigmented and glides effortlessly onto the eyes. I still haven’t figured out the most flattering wing shape/ size for my eyes and I’m still not the best at applying wings either but I found this liner much easier to use than other liners I’ve tried to apply winged liner. It wore very well throughout the day and didn’t run or flake. Also, as a contact wearer, I didn’t notice any signs of irritation. Easily a 5 Star product in my eyes!

Gigi Hadid Fiber Mascara – Black

This is one of 2 mascaras in the collection. It also only comes in black and retails for $12.99. According to the Maybelline website:

Bring on an effortless East Coast Glam look with this Maybelline Gigi Hadid Fiber mascara. Getting gorgeous length and a volumizing effect is as easy as 1,2,3.

In case anyone is new or hasn’t read my previous mascara reviews, I have been blessed with long lashes that are not very voluminous and the tips aren’t very pigmented. Below is what my lashes look like without any product on them.

And here’s what 2 full coats of the fiber mascara look like.

This mascara works EXTREMELY well at adding volume, which is what you’d expect since you’re adding small fibers to build up your lashes. I feel like it’s very easy to go overboard with this mascara. My lashes are on the fine line between okay clumpy and grossly clumpy but I think they still look pretty good! The mascara is pigmented and applies very easily. I didn’t notice any flaking throughout the day and it didn’t irritate my eyes. I was slightly worried about the fibers around my contacts but luckily I was able to avoid getting them in my eyes. I only applied the mascara and fibers to my top my lashes

Gigi Hadid Lip Kit – Taura

I think this is a genius idea for the drugstore, I don’t know why more brands aren’t selling lip kits. The kits in this collection retail for $16.99 and, between the east and west coast collections, there are 6 different shades available. According to the Maybelline website:

This Maybelline Gigi Hadid kit features matte lip liners and lipsticks in a collection of limited edition shades created by Gigi herself. Gigi recommends reapplying liner after applying lipstick to redefine the silhouette and to create the perfect pout.

The lip liner is creamy and goes on the lips so smoothly for a matte lip liner. I’m loving the formula! Some matte liners I’ve tried are so dry and drag when applied to the lips. I definitely will be trying more Maybelline lip liners since this one works so well!

In addition to NYX, Maybelline has some of the best lipsticks in the drugstore and this one is no exception. The matte formula is so creamy and doesn’t dry out my lips at all, which is nice during the winter time when my lips always seem to be chapped. It’s also very pigmented and lasts pretty long considering it’s a normal lipstick that doesn’t dry down.

West Coast Collection

Gigi Hadid Eyeshadow Palette – Warm

This is one of four eyeshadow palettes (not including the Jetsetter palette) in the collection. There are two palettes that look like City Mini palettes and two palettes that look similar to the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette but with much smaller pans of eyeshadow. The palettes from this collection that are similar to the Naked Basics palette are way out of proportion and the shadows seemed too small to make it worth my money.  I purchase the warm City Mini look alike palette which retails for $14.99. According to the Maybelline website:

Make a lasting impression with this limited edition six-shade mini eyeshadow palette. This eyeshadow set is featured in the Gigi Hadid West Coast Glow Collection.

The metallic/ shimmery shadows applied pretty nicely when applied wet but the matte shades were only okay. As I was blending them on my eyes, some of the lighter shades were not showing up that well and I have a pretty light skin tone. The pigmentation just isn’t as good as it is in the swatches. Although the dark brown is great but the lighter matte shades aren’t my faves.

Since the application was so-so, I was skeptical whether or not the shadows would last throughout the day. They actually lasted pretty well considering the shadows didn’t wow me during application but I can’t say I’ll be purchasing any more of these City Mini palettes when there are so many other palettes at the drugstore that are much better quality.

Gigi Hadid Gel Eyeliner – Nude

The last product I purchased was the gel eyeliner. This liner comes in black and nude and retails for $11.99. According to the Maybelline website:

Part of the Maybelline Gigi Hadid Collection, this waterproof and smudge-resistant gel eyeliner pencil glides on smooth for a dramatic look. All-day wear. Ophthalmologist tested. Dermatologist tested. Allergy tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

I have a love/ hate feeling with this liner. I love the nude color and how much light it brings to my eyes! However, I’m not sure if you can see in the picture of the swatch, the liner is slightly shimmery and I prefer to put matte liners on my waterline. Other than the fact that it’s shimmery, this eyeliner is wonderful. It’s pigmented and it actually lasts on my waterline! As a contact wearer, my eyes can sometimes be watery but this liner powered through and lasted for most of the day.

Below are a couple of pics of an everyday look I created with these products.

Have you tried anything from the new Maybelline x Gig Hadid Collection? Let me know what you thought about the products in the comments!

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