Liquid Lip Showdown: Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Formula vs. Crème Formula

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Ever since Kylie started branching out into different liquid lipstick formulas, I’ve been intrigued by how they all compare to each other. Obviously, a matte liquid lip dries down completely and will not transfer while her two newer formulas, the velvets and the crèmes, don’t dry down and aren’t transfer proof. I haven’t really had the chance to try out the crème formula, which debuted with the KKW collection, and have been curious how they compare to each other.

So, this week I’ll be putting the two formulas against each other to test out the differences between them and to see which one I might like better!


Let’s start with the velvet formula. According to

The Velvet Liquid Lipstick has high intensity pigment for a full coverage lip. This long wearing, ultra pigmented liquid lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients that glide on for a creamy matte look that does not dry down.

The description of the velvet formula is spot on, it’s very pigmented! I only have to dip into the tube once to get an opaque coat. This is actually one of my favorite lipstick formulas. Like I said in my Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection Haul, I love it because I can get a matte/ semi-matte look without sucking every drop of moisture out of my lips.

Even though the description says it doesn’t dry down at all, I feel like it does slightly on my lips. It is a semi-matte texture so I know they don’t want to advertise that it’ll dry down when it doesn’t completely. I just love that it’s a semi-matte texture while being moisturizing at the same time! It lasts a while (without eating or drinking) but does wear away as soon as you do eat or drink anything. Although it doesn’t last through eating and drinking, I noticed that some of the darker shades leave behind a nice stain when the lip color wears away.

Here’s a swatch of the velvet liquid lipstick, without the matching lip liner, in the shade Rosie.


As for the crème formula, the kit was moved from Kylie Cosmetics website to Kim’s new KKW Beauty website. According to

The KKW Crème Liquid Lipstick has sheer to medium coverage that can be built based on your desired lip intensity. This unique créme formula contains moisturizing and hydrating ingredients that glide on for a luxurious and creamy finish. Gives a natural sheen while feeling ultra lightweight on the lips.

I agree with the statement of it being sheer, maybe light coverage, but I don’t know if I would classify it as a medium coverage lipstick. I have to dip into the tube 3-4 times to get the level of opacity seen in the picture below. It does glide on very nicely but the brush just doesn’t hold onto enough product, which is why I have to keep dipping in. As I was applying this lipstick, I also noticed that the brush was leaving intense lines in the lipstick but I was able to blend them out by patting my lips together.

It is pretty moisturizing, which is amazing for my dry lips, but glossier lips aren’t my thing right now. I used to love ultra glossy lips but I hate how any amount of wind will cause my hair to stick to my lip color.

Here’s a swatch of the KKW Crème Liquid Lipstick in the shade Kim.


So, who won?

For me, the velvet formula still comes out on top. I don’t like how sheer and glossy the crème formula is. I’ll definitely still wear the crèmes but I just have to keep the weather in mind, I don’t want my hair sticking to my lipstick. 😜


Have you tried these two formulas? What do you think of them?

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