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This week I’m going over my experience with eSalon, a personalized hair color service solely offered online. It’s a three-time winner of the Allure Best of Beauty Award and has an overall rating of about 4.4 out of 5 stars (with a total of about 15,500 reviews). According to the description on the website,

The first and only of its kind, our bespoke hair color is formulated-to-order for your unique needs and desired look. We even include personalized instructions that let you achieve professional results, at home.

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*Picture from eSalon website

It’s marketed as customizable because you are assigned a colorist that personally mixes your color and will help you reach your hair color goals. These colorists individually craft your color and you can even message them whenever you need. They know exactly what your hair goals are because you take a quiz that goes over your hair type, texture, and thickness in addition to your current color and if you’ve recently colored your hair. This service is an auto-delivery service but you can decide how often it’s sent to you by choosing a time between the range of 2 and 12 weeks.

The introductory price is $10 plus shipping and tax and every following order that is automatically delivered is $20 plus shipping and tax. This price is crazy to me because the last trip I made to my salon cost me about $150! I’m not a licensed cosmetologist or colorist but I’ve had experience with putting color in my and my sister’s hair so I figured if someone picked out the color for me, I could definitely apply it to my own head!


In your first box, and I’m assuming in every box, you receive your personally-selected color with the proper volume developer, a packet of the eSalon Heart Lock It shampoo and the Love Unconditionally conditioner, two pairs of gloves, an application brush, stain guard, and stain remover.

In my box, I was pleasantly surprised that they provided me with a second bottle of color and developer for free to make sure I’m able to cover all of my hair! I also got personalized instructions. I added the clips to my order because I didn’t have any that would securely hold my hair out of the way. Purchasing additional products doesn’t mean they are sent automatically, only the hair color is sent automatically.


The pic above shows what my hair looked like before coloring it. I previously had a soft balayage and back in February, I went to my regular salon and colorist to have my hair died back to my root color. She used a semi-permanent dye that has now faded and the balayage is much more noticeable. I always use color safe, sulfate free shampoo to make sure I extend the color longevity and maintain the health of my hair.


And this is how my hair turned out and I’m in love with the results! The color is so rich and it was easier than I thought to apply. My personalized instructions told me to section off my hair into 4 sections. Next, I mixed the color right in the developer bottle and used that to apply the color to my hair. I made sure every strand was coated just using my hands. I could’ve used the brush but I think everything turned out fine without it. My instructions said I needed to leave my dye in for 15 min. I lost track of time and left it in for about 10 extra minutes. I’m not sure if that did anything but I love results regardless.

Although the process was very easy (because of the provided personalized instructions), it was much messier than expected! I was so excited to get started that I just mixed up the first bottle and went in applying the dye. I got a drop on my white bath mat before remembering that dye stains anything and everything. So, I stopped what I was doing and threw the mats in the wash before the color could develop and made sure to cover any other fabric surfaces. Since I’m a renter, I wasn’t about to risk staining the carpet!

Overall, I would highly recommend this service! I loved how easy it made color application and the results are amazing!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and in case you missed last week’s, here’s the link!

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