Dose of Colors Baked Highlighter Review

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Today I’m reviewing the Dose of Colors Baked Highlighter. About a month ago, I purchased the Baked Highlighter in the shade peach glow at IMATS LA. Prior to this purchase, I hadn’t tried anything from Dose of Colors.


As a lover of Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop, which I use almost every day, I’m usually pretty skeptical of new highlighters. Although, I’m always willing to try new makeup! Here are some swatches of the product. The swatch on the left was applied dry and the swatch on the right was applied wet. The picture came out darker than expected and editing it made the swatches disappear but hopefully, you get the idea of the pigmentation difference. Like I always say, I’m not a professional when it comes to photography 😋


On the website, Dose of Colors claims this product is a:

“Champagne peach shimmer perfect for highlighting without the pinky white tones. This multi-purpose color looks beautiful on its own or paired with your favorite cheek color!

Create an illuminating look with our lightweight, shimmering baked highlighter. The Dose of Colors Baked Highlighters help skin appear youthful, healthy and clear.”

This is also my first time trying a baked highlighter. I’ve used baked eyeshadows in the past but never really like how finicky they were. The first time I applied this, I was slightly disappointed in the pigmentation. I love how bright the Becca highlighter is and couldn’t believe how little pigmentation came off my brush.


Then I remembered that my baked eyeshadows always looked better when I applied them wet, either with water, Mac Fix+, or the Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray. So I figured it was worth a shot to try applying the highlighter wet too. And I was surprised how much more pigmented it is when applied wet!


I’ve quickly fallen in love with this highlighter and has made it has way into my everyday makeup routine. I love this shade for days I want a lighter highlight that’s not too in your face. Now that I own this highlighter, I’ve found that sometimes Champagne Pop can be a bit too much for the look I’m trying to achieve on an everyday basis. Since I work in an office, I’m typically wearing minimal makeup and am going for a light, healthy glow on most days.

This product is perfect for someone who wants to add a healthy glow without the blinding effect other highlighters have.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my thoughts on the Dose of Colors Baked Highlighter!

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