#FBF: Germany in January

Two years ago, a friend asked me if I would go with her on a travel course during interterm. For those of you who don’t know what interterm is, at Chapman, it’s held during the month of January and you are able to take one class. My friend explained that we could take German 101 in Germany and we would finally have the chance to travel outside the US. After getting permission from my parents, I told her that of course I would go with her!

Something I neglected to think about until after I put a down payment on the trip was the fun fact that I would be going to Germany… January…..which means there would be snow….. and lots of it! Now, I’m not much of a cold weather person, which is why I moved to Southern California for college, so I had to prepare myself for this huge change in climate. I hadn’t been to the snow since I was a kid so didn’t own any coats, shoes, thermals, etc. After a few shopping trips and a quick pep talk, I was able to stay warm and I the time of my life! During that trip, I caught a travel bug and can’t wait to get back out there to explore the world! So, here’s is a travel diary depicting my time in Munich, Germany and Salzburg, Austria.

January 2nd: Arrival

January 5th: Trip to the Hellabrunn Tierpark

January 6th: Private Walking Tour of Marienplatz & St. Peter’s Church Bell Tower

January 7th: Neue Pinakothek Art Musem 

January 8th: The Rococo Asam Church & the Surfers in the Englischer Garten

January 9th: Ice Skating & Dinner at the Hofbräuhaus

January 10th: Bakery & Dachau Concentration Camp

January 13th: Tour of Schloss Nymphenburg

January 14th: Afternoon Coffee and Cake at Cafe Prinz Regent in Hotel Bayrischer at Lake Starnberg

January 15th: Opera House Tour

January 16th: Visit the New Egyptian Museum

January 17th: A Day in Salzburg

January 18th: Tour of Neuschwanstein Castle

January 19th: Tour of Allianz Arena

January 20th: Visit the Deutsches Musem

January 22nd: Tour of BMW Werksbesichtigung & Farewell dinner 

I hope you enjoyed my photo diary! Sorry it’s a little long, but I did spend a month there after all 😜

Until next time,
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P.S. If you made it to the end, here’s a hint for my next blog post: lashes

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