Fascination File: Fashion

This week, I’m introducing an old concept with a new name. Every so often, I would like to share items from my various wishlists and possibly, in the future, update you as to which items I successfully check off my lists. I’ve named this series Fascination File because it’s a play on words for wishlist or lust list. I think it’s a fun use of alliteration and I hope you think so too!

Now, as a makeup junkie and a Disney addict, I have quite a long list if makeup and Disney related items I’m hoping to get someday. However, something I don’t talk about very often is the fashion related items I’m currently loving. As a recent college grad living that #broke life, I dream of the day I can finally reward myself with one of these items. You might notice that all of them are accessories. What can I say, I’ve always been a shoe, purse, and jewelry lover! Regardless of current trends, I think my wishlist includes items that are classic, timeless pieces I can wear anytime. So, in no particular order, here are the top 5 items on my fashion fascination file!

  • Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene with the Rose Ballerine Interior


I’m starting with this purse because it’s one I’ve desired the longest. I remember first learning about Louis Vuitton way back when the Speedys were one of the most popular across the YouTube beauty community. Although, after owning a purse with a similar shape, I decided that was not the right fit for me. I typically carry a lot in my purse and I like to have quick access to it. After seeing this purse’s shape and size in person, I fell in love!

I always thought I would go for the traditional monogram canvas but as I get older, I’m more attracted to the Damier Ebene. I don’t really feel the need anymore to advertise that I own a Louis purse. I guess it was one of those high school thoughts that I’m glad I grew out of! Additionally, it wasn’t until recently that I learned about the color Rose Ballerine and I’m happy I did! I just love how soft this color is and I’ve personally always liked the combination of brown and light pink.

  • Burberry Classic Cashmere Scarf in Charcol Check


This scarf just screams my style; blacks and grays with a slight pop of color. I love the option to monogram it which I would get because it gives it that extra touch of personalization. Although I currently live in Southern California, it’s recently been pretty chilly and windy. I guess winter came late this year! I would still find a use for this beautiful scarf in sunny Southern California especially since I don’t plan on staying here my whole life.

  • Kate Spade Minnie Mouse Minnie Maise


Ok, on the topic of Southern  California, how cute is this purse! It’s the perfect accessory for trips to Disneyland! I love Kate Spade purses! They are very well made and last a long time. I have a couple that look beautiful even after the wear I put them through. Now it’s no secret that I have a Disneyland annual pass – thanks to the monthly payments option – so this purse will get its fair share of uses. I just love how it screams Disney without having the face of a character plastered on the side of it.

  • Christian Louboutin Pigalle 85 in Black Leather


What can I say about these shoes that hasn’t already been said? This is an iconic brand and I love this style because of the versatility. I can dress them up or down and the shorter heel height makes it easier to walk. I severely sprained my ankle in 8th grade and can’t wear super high heels so these would be perfect!

  • Mikimoto Morning Dew Akoya Cultured Pearl Pendant in Yellow Gold


I’ve always had a special connection to pearls. Being a June baby, it is one of my birthstones. I love the classic look of a strand of pearls but this one caught my eye and I love the idea of a pendant. I personally think the pendant is more casual and I am a sucker for gold jewelry. I prefer gold over silver because of how the warmer tones look against my skin tone.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Fashion Edition of my Fascination File!

Until next time,
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